Siemens PLC programming I_DI, DI_R, DIV_R, CTCH, MUL_R, ROUND

I_DI, integer (INT) to double integer (DINT)
DI_R, double integer (DINT) to floating point number (real number REAL)
DIV_R, floating point number (REAL) division
CTCH, this instruction was not found;
MUL_R, floating point number (REAL) multiplication
ROUND, floating point number (REAL) rounded to double integer (DINT)
I, INT, (single) integer;
DI, ie DINT, double integer;
R, ie REAL, floating point number;
Generally there are four operators (add ADD, subtract SUB, multiply MUL, except DIV) and add “_I”, which is to operate on integers; add “_DI”, which is to calculate double integers; add “_R”, which is floating The number of points is calculated.

What do I, Q, M, SM, T, C, V, S, and L in Siemens plc s7-200 mean?

Input relay I

Output relay Q

Universal auxiliary relay M

Special relay SM

Timer T

Counter C

Variable memory V

Sequence control relay S

Local variable memory L

What does RLO in Siemens PLC programming mean?

In the Siemens S7 series PLC, RLO = “logical operation result”, used as a temporary storage bit in binary logic operation.
The first bit of the status word of the RLO is called the logical operation result. This bit is used to store the result of executing the bit logic instruction or the comparison instruction. The state of the RLO is “1”, indicating that there is power flow into the ladder diagram. At the operation point, “0” means that the inability flows to the point.

How does Mitsubishi plc communicate with Weinview touch screen?

To achieve communication between Mitsubishi Plc and Weinview touch screen communication is actually very simple, the steps are as follows:

1. Open the Weinview software;

2. Click “Edit” – system parameters;

3. Enter “Mitsubishi model” in the name of the dialog box that pops up;

4. Check the “PLC” below and select the PLC type.

5. Communication can be realized by connecting the communication line.

Where is the Weinview touch screen IP address?

If it is a touch screen in use, you want to modify the IP address, then
1, open in the edit menu,
2, system parameter settings.
3, in the pop-up interface,
4 Select the general properties submenu,
4 Then change the Quick Select window button settings to Enabled.

Re-download the program, after the download is complete, there will be an arrow in the lower right corner of the touch screen, click once, enter the password, the default is 111111, you can modify the IP address.

How to realize the manual automatic mode of the Siemens s7-200 plc

For example: I0.0 is the toggle button, when it is turned on, it is manual, when it is not connected, it is automatic.
When programming, LD I0.0 sends a value to a memory, such as VB100=1.
LDI I0.0 sends another value to that memory, such as VB100=2,
This will be distinguished, and then use the comparison command, when VB100=1, adjust the manual program, when VB100=2, adjust the automatic program.