Proface hmi programming cable

Proface hmi programming cable have two type . GPW-CB03 GPW-CB02

but there are different

GPW-CB03 is USB Port.
GP2-CB02 is Serial port 

simatic s7 pc adapter usb 6es7 972-0cb20 0xa0 driver

Siemens 6es7972-0cb20-0xa0 driver installation instructions, if you are not using a special cable, you only need to fully install the corresponding software, higher version. Some low version software does not have integrated chip drivers.


1. If SIMATIC PC ADAPTER USB appears in Device Manager, it means that the driver has been installed automatically and there is no need to install the chip driver anymore.

2, S7-200 PLC needs STEP 7 MicroWIN SP9 can not be lower than SP9

All three indicators are valid, first switch to STOP state, then connect the computer with plc, and then set up the programming software.

3, S7-300/400 series PLC connection. The version must be higher than v5.5.. You can install the driver without installing it.

PLC is first stopped and set up PG / PC, select PC adapter, and then click OK.

USB-PPI+driver download ,Siemens PLC adapter

6es7972-0cb20-0xa0 Driver ,Siemens PLC adapter

more plc cable driver and video How to use plc cable program

How To connect CNC MPG Terminal to DDCSV CNC offline controller

The cnc mpg pendant port picture is showed as the Picture

From the reverse side of the product, it is the 8+9 double raw interface which is close to the USB interface. The reference of interface  definition is Picture
As the picture shows, the MPG port totally have 17 wiring terminals, and the
reference of eachwiring terminal definition is table

The reference of corresponding relation,between system and MPG wiring is table
Note: It you want to use the single-terminal MPG (namely there is no A-B-MPG), 
please look at the wiring table, the table   for reference. As for the unlisted one, please take the differential MPG wiring mode

How to use TSXPCX3030 upload and save the project file from the Neza PLC

If you want connect Neza plc you need use PL7-07 and TSXPCX3030 plc cable.

1, you need install the drive.

here is successed.

2,add the setting,


the red is must choose,

now open PL7-07 software,

here have video you can see

how to use TSXPCX3030 upload and save the project file from the Twido PLC

Upload project file from the Twido PLC, you need install Twidosoft and use TSXCSX3030 plc program cable.

1, connect cable to plc , power on ,you need open software Twidosoft ,

2, check the com port ,our is com2.

3,click file ------first choice----choose port com2.

4,click connect , Wait a moment and it will show success.

here is video you can see 

MITSUBISHI FX2N PLC special auxiliary relay

mitsubishi plc special relays include M8000 ...M8008  M8011....M8019  M8020....M8029  M8030...M8039   Different functions of different special relays serve MITSUBISHI PLC at the same time. 

here  have some mitsubishi plc special relays example you can see

RUN monitoring M8000, M8001

RUN monitoring (M8000, M8001) which shows the running state of PLC can be used as the driving condition of instructions and the external display of "display in normal operation"

RUN is in ON state when normal, and Y0 leads.

M8001 is in OFF state when RUN is normal.

Initial pulse M8002, M8003

After the start of PLC operation, M8002 is ON in one instant (one operation cycle) and remains OFF in the rest of the time. The read pulse is used as initialization signal in the case of program initialization and writing specified value.
M8003 is OFF only at one instant (one operation cycle) after the start of PLC operation, and the rest of the time is in ON state.


Operational error flag auxiliary relay M8067

M8067 performs error detection in operation or RUN when PLC is removed from STOP to RUN. When M8067 is ON, save the smallest address number in D8004, M8004 action.

Fuji Flex-PC NB/NJ/NS/NW0 PLC Cable NN-CNV3 Pinout diagram

The NN-CNV3 is used for Fuji Flex-PC NB/NJ/NS/NW0 PLC program ,here we can give you  nn-cnv3/usb-cnv3 pinout diagram 

NN-CNV3 Pinout diagram

NN-CNV3 Pinout diagram

USB-CNV3 Pinout diagram

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single axis stepper motor controller kit


The STPMC1 device functions as an energy calculator and is an ASSP designed for effective energy measurement in power line systems utilizing Rogowski, current transformer, Shunt or Hall current sensors. Used in combination with one or more STPMSx ICs, it implements all the functions needed in a 1-, 2- or 3-phase energy meter. It can be coupled with a microprocessor for multi-function energy meters, or it can directly drive a stepper motor for a simple active energy meter. The calculator has five input data pins. The first three receive the voltage and current information of the phases. In fact, each data input processes two ΔΣ signals, multiplexed in time and generated by the STPMSx device. The fourth input receives multiplexed ΔΣ signals also, and can be used to sense the neutral current or another signal - temperature, for example. The fifth input data pin accepts non-multiplexed ΔΣ signals and it can be used for sensing the magnetic field information from a Hall sensor. Four internal hard-wired DSP (digital signal processing) units perform all the computations on the ΔΣ streams in real time by means of ΔΣ arithmetic blocks. This allows the achievement of very high computation precision with fast and efficient digital architecture. All the data recorded by the STPMC1 are accessible through an SPI port, which is also used to configure and calibrate the device. The configuration and calibration data can be saved in a 112-bit OTP block, or dynamically set in microprocessor-based meters.

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Best CNC Motor Driver Controllers 2018

CNC Motor Drive is a very important component of the CNC board, in fact the brain of the machine, can control one or more motors, please review the following 10 best CNC Motor Drive controller list, and in the comments section below tell us your favorite motor driver.

TB6560 3A Driver Board CNC Router Single 1 Axis Controller Stepper Motor Drivers

Working voltage DC 10V-35V. Recommended to use a switching power supply DC24V power supply.
6N137 high-speed optical coupling, guarantee high speed without losing step.
Using the TB6560AHQ chip with low voltage shutdown, overheating stop and overcurrent
protection circuit to ensure optimal performance.
Rated maximum output: ± 3A, peak 3.5A.
For two-phase within 42,57 stepping 3A / four-phase / of line four / six-wire stepper motor,
and is not suitable for more than 3A stepper motor.
Automatic half current function.
Subdivision: whole step, half-step, step 1/8, 1/16 step, a maximum of 16 subdivisions.

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CNC Shield V3 3D Printer+4xA4988 Driver +UNO R3 For Arduino w/USB Cable

This expansion board as a driver expansion board, can be used for engraving machines, 3D printers.
It is a total of four slots, can drive four A4988 stepper motor. Each road stepper motors only need two IO ports. In other words, six IO ports can be well managed three stepper motors. Very convenient to use.
UNO for Arduino module IO port correspondence introduction.
Best choice for yourself or your friend.You will not be disappointed!

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TB6560 4 Axis 3.5 A Stepper Motor Driver Board Controller Engraving

The controller comes with its own software that allows you to program the machine. The board runs on 12V power and can sustain a maximum of 3A current for the motors.

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5 Axis CNC Breakout Board For Stepper Driver Controller mach3

Fully support of MACH3 and other computer software support for parallel port control.
USB power supply and peripherals powered phase separation to protect computer security. (USB cable not included)
Peripheral wide voltage input,12-24V, and anti-reverse function.

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GRBL Laser controller board CNC USB 3 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board

This is a GRBL open source code-based laser, can be used for Laser Engraving machine, CNC Engraving Machine etc.

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CNC TB6560 3.5A 4 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Board

The robust motor controller has the maximum current rating of 3.5A.  Additionally, it is equipped with over current and over-temperature safety features. The board is also fitted with closed-type optical isolation to protect the user’s computer and equipment.

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offline cnc controller DDCSV2.1 and smc4-4-16a16b

DDCSV2.1 and SMC4-4-16a16b


DDCSV2.1 has made the following changes on the basis of DDCSV1.1:
1:The input signal is modified to support the NPN switch;
2: Support limit and the home share the input port;
3: Use the more stable FLASH, to ensure that no program loss;
4: Upgrade algorithm, support soft interpolation, modified V1.1 version of arc
interpolation bug;
5: Upgrade the power module, the system is more stable.



1. Parameter setting : Can set, process and operation various control parameters, to reach the optimal effect.

2. Operate by Hand: Can control your systom by hand in this controller

3. Program managment: This controller can built,delete,modify,read, save,automatic processing,continuous,pause and other functions.