DDCSV1.1 offline controller review

This video shows a CNC controller based on the DDCSV1.1 control panel, designed to run a variety of machines including a CNC router and milling machine. More details are available at www.nvcnc.net

amsamotion driver

Amsamotion is china plc cable brand. Is a research and development and production of PLC and programming cable, wireless communication, the Internet of things, servo, touch screen and other automation products of high-tech enterprises.We adhering to the "strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by innovation" concept of development, always give top priority to quality and innovation.

Here we give you amsamotion driver

samkoon ea-043a manual

Samkoon EA-043A 4.3 inch HMI touch Screen can instead of sa-4.3a

Software: Embedded type Linux

HMI certification: CE

configuration software: SamDraw3.3

HMI port can communicate with most of the PLC , in especial

Mitsubishi; Omron; Zhenghang; Yokogawa; Xinjie; Vigor; Techwayson; Tailing; Taian; Siemens; Nanda; Modicon; Modbus; Matsushita; LG; Koyo; Keyence; Inovance; IDEC; Hollysys; Hitachi; Haiwell; GE; Fuji; Fatek; Emerson; Delta; Allen-Bladley; AIBUS_master, etc

XHC MK4-V 5TH generation CNC Mach3 USB 4 Axis Motion Control Card

XHC MK4-V 5TH generation Is upgrade  XHC MK4-IV ,the new version  adds some functions and is more stable.

How to program MITSUBISHI PLC timer?

Timer: T0-T199 (200 points) is a 100 ms timer (set value: 0.1-3276.7 S); T200-T245 (46 points) is a 10 ms timer (set value: 0.01-327.67 S); T246-T149 (4 points) is a 1 mS cumulative timer (set value: 0.001-32.767 S, power loss retention, i.e. interruption); T250-T255 (6 points) is a 100 ms timer (set value: 0.01-327.67 S); Cumulative timer (set value: 0.1~3276.7 S, power loss maintenance, that is, interrupt action).

If T192-T199 and T246-T249 are used in subroutines or interrupt programs, the current value of the timer is modified when the END instruction is executed. When the current value of the timer is equal to the set value, its output contacts act when executing the timer coil instruction or the END instruction. If the timer is not used, the work of the timer may not be normal under special circumstances.

If a 1ms timer is used to interrupt programs and subroutines, its contacts act when executing the first coil instruction of the timer after its current value reaches a set value.

Use the T command format (Tn KX), is an example:

OUT T0 K100

It means that when x0 is connected, time is 10 seconds and T0 is connected. Subsequent use of T0 to punish the required output points can achieve the purpose of controlling the time delay.

T is a timer symbol, 0 is a number, K is a constant, is decimal, that is, set to K10 is a second.

Proface hmi programming cable

Proface hmi programming cable have two type . GPW-CB03 GPW-CB02

but there are different

GPW-CB03 is USB Port.
GP2-CB02 is Serial port 

simatic s7 pc adapter usb 6es7 972-0cb20 0xa0 driver

Siemens 6es7972-0cb20-0xa0 driver installation instructions, if you are not using a special cable, you only need to fully install the corresponding software, higher version. Some low version software does not have integrated chip drivers.


1. If SIMATIC PC ADAPTER USB appears in Device Manager, it means that the driver has been installed automatically and there is no need to install the chip driver anymore.

2, S7-200 PLC needs STEP 7 MicroWIN SP9 can not be lower than SP9

All three indicators are valid, first switch to STOP state, then connect the computer with plc, and then set up the programming software.

3, S7-300/400 series PLC connection. The version must be higher than v5.5.. You can install the driver without installing it.

PLC is first stopped and set up PG / PC, select PC adapter, and then click OK.

USB-PPI+driver download ,Siemens PLC adapter

6es7972-0cb20-0xa0 Driver ,Siemens PLC adapter

more plc cable driver and video How to use plc cable program

How To connect CNC MPG Terminal to DDCSV CNC offline controller

The cnc mpg pendant port picture is showed as the Picture

From the reverse side of the product, it is the 8+9 double raw interface which is close to the USB interface. The reference of interface  definition is Picture
As the picture shows, the MPG port totally have 17 wiring terminals, and the
reference of eachwiring terminal definition is table

The reference of corresponding relation,between system and MPG wiring is table
Note: It you want to use the single-terminal MPG (namely there is no A-B-MPG), 
please look at the wiring table, the table   for reference. As for the unlisted one, please take the differential MPG wiring mode

How to use TSXPCX3030 upload and save the project file from the Neza PLC

If you want connect Neza plc you need use PL7-07 and TSXPCX3030 plc cable.

1, you need install the drive.

here is successed.

2,add the setting,


the red is must choose,

now open PL7-07 software,

here have video you can see

how to use TSXPCX3030 upload and save the project file from the Twido PLC

Upload project file from the Twido PLC, you need install Twidosoft and use TSXCSX3030 plc program cable.

1, connect cable to plc , power on ,you need open software Twidosoft ,

2, check the com port ,our is com2.

3,click file ------first choice----choose port com2.

4,click connect , Wait a moment and it will show success.

here is video you can see