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USB-MPI+Set On S7 200

Siemens OCB20, USB-MPI +, Communication Description for S7200 series 1, USBcable isplugged in,the driverinstalled,open yourcomputer'sDevice Manager, double-clickto open as shown below:

2 OpenSiemensS7200programming software

3.ClickThe following window appears,

Siemens software Always prompt for restart solution

For repeated requests restart problem, you can modify your registry as follows:
The registry entries“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\ ”Remove the registry values “PendingFileRenameOperations”

Can be installed without restarting。

2.0 Driver Download:

How to use USB MPI (MPI,PROFIBUS-DP,PC Adapter(Auto) )

First, ensure that your cable support
Support MPI/DP/Profibus
Properly install the driver
PC Adapter(MPI) Communications Test

PC Adapter(PROFIBUS-DP)Communications Test

PC Adapter(Auto)    Communications Test

New Mitsubishi FX1N-60MT PLC Programmable Logic Controller FX1N Series Good Quality FX1N-60MT-001

Product type: FX1N-60MT-001 brand: Japan's Mitsubishi Output type: transistor Customer service warranty: one year warranty New packaging, authentic licensed, large quantity better, welcome to buy! Mitsubishi PLC FX1N series Mitsubishi FX1N series PLC function is a very strong universal Mini PLC. FX1N series can control up to 128points, in addition to the input / output, also with analog control and communication, the link functionexpansibility. So, FX1N series can be widely used in the general control sequence. Scale control: 24 ~128( unit:24 /40 /60) Characteristic. 1, integrated high performance to price ratio CPU. Power input and output are combined into a whole.

new FX1S-20MR-001

Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller FX1S - 20MR - 001 12 into the 8 relay type  Control size : 20 MR / MT
 built - in 2K EEPROM memory , no batteries, maintenance-free
 CPU processing speed 0.55 ~ 0.7?S / basic instruction
 The basic unit of built - in 2-axis independent maximum 100kHz positioning function ( Transistor output type )
 a brief
 the FX1S family PLC excellent characteristics of integration into a small controller .
 FX1S-20MR/MT smallest package provides 20 I / O , and through the serial communications transmission of data , so that it can be used in compact PLC can not be applied

Mitsubishi SPD instructions on how to calculate the speed

Mitsubishi SPD instructions on how to calculate the speed?
              N = (60 * D0 * 1000) / nt r / min
               n What does it mean
Speed ​​detection command using the SPD,Its function number is FNC56,Speed ​​detection instruction is used in the detection unit time (time unit is ms) read from the specified number of pulses input into the relay (rising edge),And stored in the specified data register.
ld m8000
spd k100 d100
dmul d100 k60 d128
ld x3
rst c235
N is a detected value per minute
N represents the number of pulses when the turntable revolution needs: supplement

Mitsubishi plc alt command

Mitsubishi plc ALT alternate command, the first trigger MO ON state, once again triggering becomes OFF state back to ON again trigger state,Cycle.

How to set Power conservation

Select "soft component" option in the GX DEVELOPER software, then set the latch range.

Mitsubishi plc CPU How to replace battery

Required to replace the battery need Off power Operation, and should be completed within 3 minutes

MELSECNET / H network remote I / O network master station No. How do I set?

Remote I / O network, the master station number must be set to 0.

How to convert A series of modules to Q Series modules, while retaining part of the A-series modules?

There are two scenarios:
1.Use QA68B install the module you want to keep, and Q Series Q's main board are connected by an extension cable (QC30B etc.).
2.Use A series of Mitsubishi plc expansion board, install QA6ADP converter,
Connected to the Q series main board.

MELSECNET / H network, PLC to PLC network with remote I / O network can build?

PLC to PLC network with remote I / O network can not be set up together, must be built separately.

Mitsubishi plc FX2N-2AD type Analog Input Module Features

FX2N-2AD Resolution 12 binary precision Mitsubishi plc analog input module
FX2N-2AD available for 2-channel voltage input (DC0-10V DC0-5V) or current input (DC4 - 20mA)

Project Voltage Input Current input Analog Input Range DC 0-10V  DC 0 -5V (Input Resistance200KQ) The absolute maximum input:-0.5V +15V DC4 - 20MA(Input Resistance250Q) The absolute maximum input:-2MA +60MA FX2N-2ADInput Characteristics Mixed voltage and current inputs. The same input features two channels. Effective digital output 12 binary FX2N-2ADResolution 2.5MV(10V x 1/4000)1.25MV (5VX 1/4000) 4MA((20-4)MAX 1/4000) Combined accuracy ±1% (For the full-scale10V) ±1% (For the full-scale(20-4)MA) Conversion speed 2.5ms/1个Channel (and sequencers synchronized action) Isolation mode Input and PLC's power Using optocouplers and DC / DC converter isolation (no isolation between each input) FX2N-2ADPower supply DC5V 20mA(PLCInternal power supply)DC24V 50mA(PLCInternal power supply) Input and output  Occupied points 8 channel Mitsubishi plc applicabl…

Siemens software prompts“SSF File not found”Error

Need to copy the software installation package to the root directory of any drive for installation.

siemens software Prompt DId not find shared comm clent list in registry at.....

If this problem occurs, it can only be registered to delete a list item, if you delete not used, then only reinstall the system

The one PLC 20MR test video

Mitsubishi PLC programming cable set method of communication ports

1, the programming cable into the computer's USB port
2, on the desktop, the mouse on the "My Computer" icon, then click the right mouse
3, in the pop-up menu, select "Device Manager"
4, find your programming cable port number in the "Port" overview. Mouse on the port number, click the right mouse button in the pop-up menu, select "Properties"
5,In the Properties window, you can change the port number, the port number was revised to the same number on it. Mitsubishi PLC programming port and port computer software should be set, under normal circumstances, the default desktop computer is COM1,After the software is also changed to COM1 to restart the software

Mitsubishi PLC communication error when uploading program

1, Mitsubishi PLC programming cable communications port and baud rate are set correctly. Such as: Point Serial Icon -> port RS232-> baud 9.6k/bps-> OK -> then click communications test, if successful, displays the communication hardware connection is no problem.
2, Mitsubishi PLC Are there written procedures, or that the PLC is worked properly.
3, the program is encrypted, the program also lost.
4, Mitsubishi PLC whether damage.

Mitsubishi PLC ladder control traffic lights

Crossroads of north-south and east-west direction has red, yellow, green
three lights, Six lamps with a cyclical working time sequence
Direction Chronological order North-south direction North and South Green (8s), East West Red (8s) North and South Yellow (2.1s), East West Red (2.1s), North-South Red (10.1s), East West green (8s),East West yellow (2.1s) East-west direction East West red (10.1s), North and South Green (8s), North-South Yellow (2.1s) East West Green (8s), North-South Red (8s) East West Huang (2.1s), the North-South Red (2.1s)
Components function X000 Start Cycle starting point, North and South Green, East West red. Y000 North and South Green Output Y001 North and South Yellow Output Y002 East West Red Output Y003 East West Green Output Y004 East West yellow  Output Y005 North-South Red Output M0 Relay, the state X000 remains. T0 East West Red timed T1 East West Green Timed T2 East West yellow Timed T3 North and South Green Timed T4 North and South Yellow Timed T5 North…

20MR 12in 8 relays out PLC 2AD 2DA Analog with RS232 cable Mitsubishi FX1S PLC GX Develop

Parameters: 12 inputs / 8 relay outputs, 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs  The new product, the warranty period of one year  Switch input: 12 channels  Switch output: 8  Analog Input: 2 Channel 0-10V, resolution 10V/1096  Analog output: 2 channels 0-10V, resolution 10V/10000  Relay output capacity: 3A/250VAC  Terminal Type: Detachable  Communication interface: a programming port RS232  Real-time clock: support  Setting display: can digital, buttons display setting PLC internal register (rather text and PLC machine).  Command functions: support instruction Mitsubishi FX1S series PLC  Versions of the software: FX programming software  The machine display, settings, control in a large number of used air compressors, freight elevators, water supply, solar energy, woodworking machinery, insulating glass machinery, plastic cutting machines, printing machines .........  Power supply: 24VDC/500mA or 21VAC/500mA Package list: 1. PLC 1pc 2. Rs232 cable 1pc 3. 1*CD (include programmer software…

Mitsubishi SC09 PLC programming cable DIY series production

$10.00 Improved SC09 SC-09 Programming Cable for Mitsubishi PLC MELSEC FX&A Series This is the direct replacement cable for Mitsubishi SC-09 PLC programming cable, guarantee to work..

$34.40$32.00 USB-SC09 Programming Cable for Mitsubishi MELSEC FX & A series PLC,USB SC09 Product Description Smart adapter with Power indication Diamagnetic ring HIgh density..

Mitsubishi Q series PLC programming cable DIY series production

$30.00$28.50 USB-QC30R2 Grey Programming Cable for Mitsubishi Q series PLC GT1020 GT1030 Product Description Diamagnetic ring HIgh density flexible braided copper wire Smart a..