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Programmable power supply Constant Voltage Constant Current LED display

Before using the power module are not well adjust the desired voltage/current,And relatively large, difficult to operate.The power supply module, not only can easily adjust the desired current / voltage, and compact, includes many useful features. Such as Can Boot voltages can be stored freely and the model has two groups of quick storage voltage .By LED can easily view the preset voltage (U-SET :), the input voltage (U-IN):, the output voltage (U-out), the preset current (I-SET), the output current (i-out), the output power (power), LED brightness and adjustable.The module can be adjusted 0-20v voltage, accurate 0.1v, 0-2a current, accurate 0.01a.
Weight :  59g/piece Dimension:  79mm*42mm*26mm (L*W*H) Open size: 71mm*39mm Input positive:  IN+ Input negative:  IN- Output current : 0-2.00A Output power :   Maximum 40W Output positive:  OUT+ Output negative: OUT- Ripple frequency:   About 330 KHz Input voltage range :                      4.5-23V(23V is the limiting highest voltage. When you use i…