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TP270-10 touch screen backup files can be rewritten?

Now the Wincc2008B version of the HMI format but read-only touch screen came out of the file is PSD format coming from the touch screen PSD format and then into the touch screen in how to rewrite the program now in touch screen can backup and restore how to pass in the end

Best answer

Only in the touch screen is installed and enabled on the SD card back when the original program download, can upload and edit the HMI file format. Otherwise, you can only upload PSD can not be edited.

Five standard programming languages for PLC

PLC user program is designed according to the process control requirements of the control system, the design of the PLC programming language. Industrial control programming language standard (IEC1131-3) based on the international electric commission. PLC programming language includes the following five kinds: ladder diagram language (LD), instruction list language (IL), function module diagram language (FBD), sequential function flow chart language (SFC) and structural text language (ST).

1, ladder diagram language (LD)

Ladder diagram language is the most commonly used programming language in PLC programming. It is a programming language similar to that of a relay circuit. Because the electrical design personnel are familiar with the relay control, the ladder diagram programming language has been widely welcomed and applied.
The ladder diagram programming language characteristic is: with the electric operation principle diagram corresponds, has the intuition and the correspondence; and t…

The application of Kedin PLC in wheel transfer printing machine

1, overview
The rapid development of commodity economy led to the trademark printing industry, and intense competition in the market forced the trademark printing industry on the premise of ensuring the quality, minimizing the cost, in this context of Beijing Kedin Automation Technology Co. Ltd. with domestic PLC Kedin to assist a printing machine factory successfully developed the adjustable length of rotary machine the trademark printing manufacturers, save materials and reduce the cost of printing.

2, process introduction

1, adjustable length marking: start to print wheel rotation to the point of arrival, printing, signal pressing wheel, a pressing wheel in place to open up, loosen brake start printing length, length, to measure the trademark, pressing wheel, brake open down 1.

2, continuous marking: to start printing wheel, a pressing wheel, a pressing wheel in place to open up, loosen brake start continuous printing.

3, the volume of separate tension control.

4, stop when the pressing …

Application of PLC in capsule curing machine

In the tire curing process, the capsule as the necessary parts of the tire processing, there is a high performance requirements. It needs to undergo repeated expansion and contraction, stretching and other deformation, but also experienced a sharp rise and cooling. Capsule curing is one of the key processes to obtain high quality performance, and it is also one of the most important processes in capsule production. The process is to first make the rubber material through the appropriate processing of semi-finished products, and then through the chemical effect, the semi-finished products made capsule shape, to meet the performance of the use of tire processing.

Capsule curing process includes mold, mold, mold, mold, and so on. Capsule vulcanizing machine controlled by the movements of the core rod, the core rod and the main oil cylinder, combined into the core mold cavity the formation of capsule vulcanizing pressure required, at the same time through the access control to control the …

The MITSUBISHI A series PLC as the bridge between the TS3000 system and the CENTUM system

1 Introduction
Due to the impact of GMP certification for pharmaceutical machinery industry, nearly one or two years of shrinking purchases of domestic users of the equipment, the survival problem that placed in front of the pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers is quite brutal, waiting for the market to rise again or find another way out, obviously langtaosha behind, some go to get involved in other businesses in order to life in some industries, to open up foreign markets, but all will be faced with a problem: how to attract your customers. A little experience in this paper in our machine industry, on the delta automation products in electronic tablet machine on the application.
Mechanism and working principle of 2 number plate machine

2.1 what is the number of tablets

The number of medical and health care products are machine tablets (tablets, capsules, pills) after packaging and bottling equipment for grain number. Tablet machine is the highest and most commercial value of packaging …

Talk about how to learn for beginners PLC

I am now a lot of online publicity to spend hundreds of pieces of information to buy some of the information can get a monthly salary of tens of thousands of monthly salary, the first: the light to see the data video you are not learning PLC, unless you have an IQ of 250. Second: General engage in PLC can not get so high wages, of course, some of the high level of the exception. But you do not have to be discouraged, if you want to engage in industrial control, PLC is necessary to master, as well as wages to see your standard, and efforts will be rewarded.

For the beginner a PLC entry is not the biggest difficulty how to learn programming, not how to make a motor to rotate (these things everywhere, but how to find the answer). The sensor switch motor access system, and how to connect the PLC, how to set the program, including how to understand the various components such as sensor switch. The motor and so on, these are the details of things, but this is for beginners very confusing thi…

PLC how to learn, how to learn for beginners PLC?

Develop a good interest

Since all of the PLC programming is not interested, then how can learn it. So it can be programmed as an interesting intellectual game, this will cause you to have enough patience and perseverance to complete the program.

PLC learning to focus on practice, there is no practice is absolutely not good. This is also the most critical learning PLC.

So when programming need as practice object PLC and related hardware equipment, it can also program intuitive response with the actual equipment action in the detection procedure, so that the error action of equipment can easily find the point of failure, or no control object, fault point to analysis, to program it is difficult to judge the correctness of.

Develop the good habit of programming

In the preparation of a slightly complex project, we need to analyze the process of the project ---- that is, drawing the flow chart

In the preparation of procedures, the use of the intermediate relay to have the order and rules, otherwi…