Talk about how to learn for beginners PLC

I am now a lot of online publicity to spend hundreds of pieces of information to buy some of the information can get a monthly salary of tens of thousands of monthly salary, the first: the light to see the data video you are not learning PLC, unless you have an IQ of 250. Second: General engage in PLC can not get so high wages, of course, some of the high level of the exception. But you do not have to be discouraged, if you want to engage in industrial control, PLC is necessary to master, as well as wages to see your standard, and efforts will be rewarded.

For the beginner a PLC entry is not the biggest difficulty how to learn programming, not how to make a motor to rotate (these things everywhere, but how to find the answer). The sensor switch motor access system, and how to connect the PLC, how to set the program, including how to understand the various components such as sensor switch. The motor and so on, these are the details of things, but this is for beginners very confusing thing, no one will be confident for beginners a fatal blow, but these books basically can not find or do not sum up. All of it to learn the most important is the practice of PLC. I summed up the following several ways to learn PLC, a total of your reference, mainly depends on their own situation.

1: you have to get ready for a few things.

A) you must first select machine models of MITSUBISHI, Delta have started good which you from their first

B) with the goal you have to prepare the corresponding software programming software and a simulation software

C) there is a second-hand PLC or high imitation board, taking into account the future of the servo motor and so on, so it is best to choose the output of the transistor
D) a download line and find some other people made the program case

2: find some PLC tutorials, and the corresponding video tutorial

3: Learning in practice

Through the PLC software simulation, or in the learning software simulation, is able to learn some of the basic procedures

But a little more complicated procedures, it is difficult to find the feeling in the software, even if there is a PLC in front of, also can not understand because should give full consideration to the site, mechanical action, as well as a variety of unexpected factors mature PLC program, there are 1/3 or more parts in order to deal with a variety of non normal. For example, alarm, fault, pause, or prevent mistakes so if possible,
To try some small electrical items, the PLC on the handle to pick up the false load directly to observe their input and output

Or to do along the way or even engineers do not earn

Money is required. The role of PLC is to control the machine, if out of the machine that is not empty talk, first of all, to understand the PLC connection, and peripheral equipment, how the signal is over, the line is how to X, then

And what devices are transmitted, and how Y wiring

Self time may be Y output on the line, but in the device if the Y has been output, the cylinder may have been straight back, it should be the actual test for how long it is good.
After some understanding, you can try to pick some simple

PLC programming, may encounter a lot of problems, remember to and do machinery to maintain communication, understanding of the mechanical process. Their own 
programming ideas clear point, if one way does not work, another way to try, not to engage in a little clever or stupid way.
To the scene of the debugging, the most flexible and most critical, because we are staring at it, do not go to a dead way. Which is the quickest way to solve the problem, what kind of.

On the back of the scene to meet the problems and then review, if you can not solve the problem, go home to study or consult others.

Some devices will be used on the inverter, servo, stepper, touch screen and other equipment, this will be used to simulate the amount of temperature, pulse, 
communication and other functions.

At the same time, but also to learn more content, but relatively speaking, the difficulty of those things is less than PLC, learning is also very fast.

The book is likely to be a self.

In practice, will use a lot of strange instructions or do not understand the function, while learning progress quickly. Continue to practice, and constantly overcome difficulties, and gradually learn more deeply.

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