How to judge the fault causes from the abnormal vibration and sound of the asynchronous motor?

Mechanical reasons:
① the motor fan is damaged or loose fastening screws of the blades, resulting in fan Ye Gai collide with the wind, its sound with the chink of light is small;
II bearing wear or shaft is not straight, causing motor rotor eccentricity, which the stator and rotor are clean, the motor produces excessive vibration and uneven grazing;

③ motor resulting from the long-term use of foot screw is loose or not steady, thusin the presence of the electromagnetic torque of the motor produces abnormal vibration;

About long-term use due to lack of lubricant in the bearing of the motor becoming a dry run or ball bearing damage, thus the motor bearing Chamber abnormal sibilance or purr.

Electromagnetic reasons:

①the exception occurred suddenly motor running sound, at run time with load, speeds decrease, and gave a low growl, may not be balanced three-phase current, overloaded or single-phase operation;
② motor in normal operation, if the stator and rotor winding fault or squirrel-cage rotor bar breaking fault, when the motor is high and sometimes low hum and vibration of body is slightly

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