MRES switch problem

MRES switch how the operation will clear the data and procedures PLC400.

Best answer
1 memory card inserted in the bottom of the CPU. CPU requires the machine to reset (LED STOP lamp slowly flashing).
2 switch the switch to MRES and keep it there (about 9 seconds) until the LED STOP light continues to shine.
3 in the next 3 seconds must be switched off, and once again to MRES. LED STOP lights flashing in the process of removing.
Specific operation reference:
"Introduction to the S7-300CPU memory card and the use of memory cards (updated version)" to understand: (2007.12.28)
Http:// SearchText=A0097?
Introduction to <S7-400CPU memory and memory card usage (2006.09.22) > download:
Http:// SearchText=A0053?
"MMC card data read and write (updated version) (2008.01.17) > Download
Http:// SearchText=A0113?

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