S7-400PLC program lost

The S7-400PLC program under what conditions will be lost, if the PLC power supply and power supply immediately, will not have lost PLC program.

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1, if the PLC power supply, power supply immediately, will cause the PLC program is lost?
If there is no backup battery or flash memory card (prior backup), will cause the loss of the PLC program.
2, the relevant S7-400 data retention mechanism:
See "CPU S7-400 and 318-2 CPU CPU data retention" download:
Http://support.automation.siemens.com/CN/llisapi.dll? Func=cslib.csinfo&objId=23750626&load=treecontent&lang=zh&siteid=cseus&aktprim=0&objaction=csview&extranet=standard&viewreg=CN?
"The use of CPU S7300/400 backup battery" download:
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/download/docMessage.aspx? ID=1283&loginID=&srno=&sendtime=?
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/download/SearchResult.aspx? SearchText=A0071?
See <S7-400CPU memory presentation and memory card usage (2006.09.22) > download:
Http://www.ad.siemens.com.cn/download/docMessage.aspx? ID=1265&amp;loginID=&amp;srno=&amp;sendtim?

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