SIEMENS PID parameter settings why the same procedure as the PID parameters, but the output value of the change is not the same

The master station set up a PID control valve is P=5 I =5 D=0 control is stable, can be output to the maximum and minimum values, but also I have a program through my 200 and Mudbus communications, from the station of PID is the same as the PID parameter value is written from the master station through the station, but is P=80 I =5 D=0 from the station to output to the maximum and minimum values, or PID reaction is very slow

Best answer
Because PID is required to detect the amount of feedback in real time ah! Is not entirely determined by your parameters, but also to see the feedback of the data in order to achieve closed loop ah! You two are not the same system, the same parameters, and finally the results are not the same as normal ah!

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