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CN1 wiring diagram of MITSUBISHI MR-J3 servo amplifier

2. servo motor: HF-SP502
3. drive: MR-J3-500A

This is my first use of MITSUBISHI's system, and the first time to learn and apply the servo positioning system.

MITSUBISHI PLC programming software GX Developer operation method

1. Download and install Gx Developer
2. Connect PLC. First, connect the PLC with the serial line, PLC to power, and switch to the STOP mode.
3. Software settings. Enter Gx Developer, create a new project, menu "online" - "transmission settings" - select the right COM port - click "communication test" - if successful, OK.

4. Programming
5. Compiler, F4
6. Write to PLC. Menu "online" - "PLC write", select "parameter + program", point "execute""
7.PLC switch to RUN state, programming completed!

PLC encryption, when writing, click "login keywords", to 8 bits

GX Developer Correct installation method

1, Download GX Developer 8.86


3, the installation package should be located in the D disk, unpack the file to the "886" folder

4, close all antivirus software, firewall these two software will affect the installation process of reading and writing files, first shut down the best

5, open the task manager, check whether there is a wowexec.exe process, and put it to an end

6, execute D:\886\Developer\Update\AXDIST.EXE

7, execute D:\886\ENVMEL\SETUP.EXE

8, D:\886\Developer\SETUP.EXE now has 3 points to note: 1, input and company name, with English or number 2, serial number 570-9868184103, the installation process all hook don't strictly follow the instructions to create a new project can solve the problem of failure,

9, after installation, all anti-virus software can be opened

10, 119 alarm processing method, 360 alarm! Reinstall the SW8D5C-GPPW-C\EnvMEL setup; when t…

what name of Mitsubishi PLC programming software

Mitsubishi PLC programming software called: GX-DEVELOPER, software installed after the call SW7D5C-GPPW or SW8D5C-GPPW.
The corresponding simulation software is called GX Simulator

PLC has self-locking function. What is meant by self-locking?

The self-locking in PLC is the coil control contact to maintain the self energized state of the coil itself. The simplest self locking is to use the normally open contact X1 to control the coil Y1, and then turn back the normally open contact of the Y1 on the X1.

What does K2Y000 mean in MITSUBISHI PLC?

K4Y0 is 2 bytes y0-y17
K2Y0 is 1 bytes y0-y7


1, MPS (into the stack instruction): The result of the operation into the first segment of the stack memory, while the previously sent data to move to the next section of the stack.
2, MRD (read stack instruction): the first paragraph of the stack memory data (last into the stack of data) read and the data continues to be stored in the first paragraph of the stack, the data in the stack does not move.
3, MPP (out of the stack instruction): The stack memory of the first piece of data (the last stack of data) read and the data from the stack disappeared, while the other data in the stack in turn up.

What does the INCP in Mitsubishi PLC mean?

INCP only to register +1, before adding a condition, connect +1. such as INCP D100, even if D100 internal data +1 It's only a connection

Mitsubishi PLC Fault Diagnosis Display 6402

This is the Mitsubishi FX series error Code
Incorrect storage capacity setting, Solution: Stop PLC operation, set the correct value with parameter mode When the error light shines, the content of PLC user program is changed due to external reasons: the voltage drop of lithium battery, the influence of external interference and the internal failure of PLC, and the grammatical error of the writing program will make it shine. When the error lamp is steady, it indicates that the CPU running out of control or the scan period exceeds the warning timer constant value set in d8000. This reason may be caused by external interference and internal failure of PLC. When the program error lamp flashes, the timer is indicated, the counter's constants are not set, or the program memory is wrong. In this case, the correct program should be written again

What‘s’ mean of Mitsubishi PLC directive MOVP HOFF k2y0

The MOVP represents the pulse transmission instruction,The h in Hoff represents the 16 binary, which represents the hexadecimal FF,K2y0 represents Y7y6y5y4y3y2y1y0, which is the two sets of 4 digits starting with Y0, and if K1y0 represents Y3y2y1y0,This directive indicates that the 16-in-system FF is delivered to the results of the y7y6y5y4y3y2y1y0 execution y7=1, y6=1, Y5=1, Y4=1, Y3=1, Y2=1, Y1=1, Y0=1.

What is the meaning of MOVP in PLC?

The MOV in PLC is the transmission instruction, for example [mov K15 D100] means to transfer the decimal constant K15 to register D100.

MOV is continuous execution, that is, each scan cycle is transmitted once.



MOV K100 D10

When X0 is ON, K100 is transmitted to D10 and automatically converted to binary number.

MOVP is a pulse execution, that is, the instruction is activated once, and a transfer is performed.

MOVP K2M200 D40

The value of m200--m207 in decimal form is assigned to D40
MOVP K11 D0:

A transfer process is performed when conditions are available.

(pass constant 11 to D0 data register). It is usually performed only when there is a rising edge.

It is to transmit H1A1 to module 0, buffer 0.

What is m8002 in PLC?

1, M8002 is used for initialization of PLC. PLC will execute once after every power failure and restart, M8002.

2: Name: initial pulse normally open contact. ON outputs a scan cycle of RUN.

3, you need to do data initialization when using, usually do initialization time.

What is PLC?

PLC = Programmable, Logic, Controller, programmable logic controller, an electronic system for digital operation, designed for use in industrial environments. It uses a programmable memory, used in its internal storage procedures to perform the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user oriented instructions, and through digital or analog input / output control various types of machinery or production processes. It's the core part of industrial control.
At present, PLC has been widely applied in iron and steel, petroleum, chemical, electric power, building materials, machinery manufacturing, automobile, textile, transportation, environmental protection, water treatment and cultural entertainment industries, using general can be summed up as follows.

1 、 logic control of switch quantity
This is the PLC the most basic and most widely used, it is replacing the traditional relay circuit, logic control, sequence control, which can be used…