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How to use plc control the DC motor

PLC control DC motor: PLC output control relay, relay control contact DC contactor.

PLC positive and negative ladder

Mitsubishi PLC
X000 is the forward button, X001 is the reverse button, X002 is the stop button; Y000, Y001 for the PLC output, then two AC contactor KM1, KM2 to control the motor reversing
Siemens PLC program

I0.0 is the forward rotation button, I0.1 is the reverse rotation button, I0.2 is the stop button; Q0.0, Q0.1 is the PLC output connected with two AC contactor KM1, KM2 to control the positive and negative rotation of the motor

PLC control motor forward and reverse

X0 Forward button, X1 Reverse button, X2 Stop button, X3 Limit 1, X4 Limit 2, Y0 Forward rotation output, Y1 Reverse rotation output