mitsubishi plc timers

The manual says, using a special timer in T192 ~ subroutine and interrupt subroutine in T199, I now subroutine timer is not enough, can I use the general timer in the subroutine, in addition, for the 192~199 general and special Godson program timer in the end what is the difference?
Timer: T0~T199 (200 point) is the timer of 100ms (set value: 0.1~3276.7 S); T200~T245 (46 point) is the timer of 10ms (set value: 0.01~327.67 S); T246~T149 (4 points) is a 1mS cumulative timer (set value: 0.001~32.767 S, power loss retention, that is, interrupt action); 6 Cumulative timer (set value: 0.1~3276.7 S, power loss maintenance, that is, interrupt action).
If T192 to T199 and T246 to T249 are used in subroutines or interrupt programs, the current value of the timer is modified when END instructions are executed. When the current value of the timer is equal to the set value, its output contacts act when executing the timer coil instruction or the END instruction. If the timer is not used, the work of the timer may not be normal under special circumstances.
If the 1ms timer is used to interrupt the program and the subroutine, after its current value has reached the set value, its contacts act when the first coil instruction of the timer is executed.

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