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PLC industrial control board digital tube machine FX1N_10MT delay module

6 input, 4 point open collector outputWide supply voltage 10-28VDC Dimensions: length X width X high:36X73X20Mm
This board is PLCboard, the direct use of GX programming software ladder diagram, written directly to the PLC, you can monitor online, even cheaper than the microcontroller board.
Advantages of using PLC boards: 1 programming convenience, customers can learn to learn a day 2 reusable 3 high stability 4 easy to expand
The history of the smallest volume, the cheapest display and display panel input parameters, functions as a touch screen, touch screen is another advantage compared to the greater is the board without programming, digital display and input parameters can be fitted.
1 a power will always show the value of the data register D0 mode, the user can be used in the PLC ladder diagram MOV D D0 command to change the value of D0 can display the value of different data registers. 2 when you press the MODE button for 3 seconds on the left of the decimal point will light up…

DDCSV2.1 Engraving machine CNC 4 axis CNC system step servo replace NC Studio MACH3 offline controller


The highest 500K stepper motor control pulse output, suitable for most of the machine tool system needs, completely offline control without a computer, U disk running G code, 4 axis 3 axis can be selected. Support standard hand pulse. Farewell to the era of engraving machine running the computer!!! The controller = microcomputer + engraving machine (CNC) interface board Reliability and anti - interference > computer installed MACH3 system + MACH3 interface board
1.1 product description
Feisite NC attention NC industry for 7 years, specializing in a variety of high quality, high reliability of CNC system research, development and production. Can produce commonly used direct current brushless drive, stepper motor drive, single axis to 6 axis linkage CNC system.
DDCSV1 is the 4 axis 4 linkage motion controller which is developed through 4 years of research and development; each position control cycle 4 ms, high control precision. The highest single output pulse is 500KHz, and the…