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OP320-A MD204L 4.3 inch Text Display

Text display TD MD204L OP320-A panel display screen HMI with RS232/RS485 for PLC Description: General Description: Show TypeYellow-green LCD (also have blue, notify us if you need)LifeMore than 20,000 hours, an ambient temperature of 25, 24-hour operationDisplay area192*64BrightnessPotentiometer adjustableText SettingsChinese: Simplified Chinese / EnglishCharacter size Bitmap fonts, vector fonts Button20 Memory Menu64KB FlashROMData1KB SRAM

OP320-A XINJE Touchwin Operate Panel STN LCD single color 20 keys

OP320-A XINJE Touchwin Operate Panel STN LCD single color 20 keys new in box                              1, package included: 1pcs OP320-A TouchWin Operate panel new in box; 1pcs downloading programming cable(Only offer it free when you ask for after order. Not ship it default. The communication cable is not included, if you need, please contact us and inquiry it) The software is free(we can send it by email if you can’t download it by yourself) 2, OP320-A Operate Panel can communicate with PLC as: XINJE XC, Mitsubishi FX1N/2N/1S, Omron C Series CPU, CP1W-CIF11 RS422, KOYO S, Delta DVP RS232, LG Master-K, Panasonic FP, FATEK FB, VIGOR VB, Emerson EC20, Idec PLC Micro3C, Keyence KV, SAIA-Burgess PCD. 3, Product description 3.7 inches screen, 20 keys Supporting ample PLCs With password protection feature, Built-in Clock (parts are optional) Dynamically display text Keys can be defined as function keys, and also be replaceable as machine keys of the control board. Backlight STN LCD display 4…

op320-a software download

op320-a software downloadText Display
OP320 manualSoftware OP20v6.5ySoftware OP20v8.0qExampleConnect s7200 plc

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PLC control ladder design of traffic lights

There are three red, yellow and green signal lights in the north and south of the intersection, and the six lights reciprocate in a certain time sequence.

North-south direction

North and South Green (8s), East and West (8s)

North and South Yellow (2.1s), East and West (2.1s),

North and South Red (10.1s), East Green (8s), East Yellow (2.1s)

East-west direction

East-West Red (10.1s), North-South Green (8s), North-South Yellow (2.1s)

East Green (8s), North and South Red (8s)

East and West Yellow (2.1s), North and South Red (2.1s)

X000——Start and cycle starting point, north and south green, east and west red.

Y000——North-South green output

Y001——North-South yellow output

Y002——East red output

Y003——East-West green output

Y004——East-West yellow output

Y005——North-South red output

M0——The intermediate relay keeps the state of X000.

T0——East red timing

T1——East and West Green Timing

T2——East and West timing

T3——North-South Green Timing

T4——North and South yellow timing

T5——North and South Red …

What is the scan cycle of the PLC?

The working process of the programmable controller consists of two parts: a fixed process of self-diagnosis and communication response, and a user program execution process.

Before each execution of the user program, the PLC executes the internal fixed program such as fault self-diagnosis program, reset, monitoring, timing, etc. If the self-diagnosis is normal, continue to scan downward, and then the PLC checks whether there is communication with the programmer, computer, etc. request. If there is a communication request with a computer or the like, the corresponding processing is performed. When the PLC is in the STOP state, only the first two processes are cycled.

When the PLC is in the RUN state, the PLC cycles through five working phases: internal processing, communication operation, input scanning, executing user program, and output refresh. The time required to complete each of the above five phases is called a scan cycle.

The scan cycle is an important indicator of the PLC. The…

mitsubishi plc programming software wiki

Development environment

Program development environment of MELSEC programmable controller

Various programming tools (packages) of the MELSEC programmable controller are installed on a computer (Windows system) for use.

A computer-based program development environment can be constructed as follows.

Development tools

GX Developer 

Program development, maintenance
·Programming·Parameter setting·Project data management ·Online monitoring, diagnostic functions, various network settings, diagnostic functions
GX Simulator
Simulation of the program through a virtual CPU on the computer · Component test (bit device, word device) · Program simulation with analog input signals
GX Configurator

Startup setting, monitoring/testing of intelligent function modules ·Automatic update settings·Initial settings ·Intelligent function module's motion monitoring and testing functions
GX Converter
Sequence control data conversion · Convert sequence data to TEXT data, CSV data · Convert TEXT data and CSV data …

PLC five programming languages

1. Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

     This is a graphical language on top of other programming languages for programming sequential control programs, which are described in detail in Chapter 4. Sequential function diagrams provide a graphical method of organizing programs that can be nested in other languages in sequential function diagrams. Steps, transitions, and actions are the three main components in a sequential function diagram (see Figure 3–2). The sequential function diagram is used to describe the function of the digital control system, according to which it is easy to draw the sequential control ladder program.

2. Ladder diagram (LD)

    Ladder diagram is the most used PLC graphics programming language. The ladder diagram is similar to the circuit diagram of the relay control system. It is easy to understand and easy to understand. It is easy to be mastered by the electrical personnel familiar with the relay control in the factory. It is especially suitable for switching …

What is the difference between PLC and DCS control?

The PLC control and DCS control system is not a logical level concept. It can be seen from the name: PLC is named after function, and DCS is named after architecture. In principle, PLC can form DCS. Of course, the difference in performance between the two still exists, depending on the product and needs. From the application point of view, simply distinguishing by PLC and DCS will often lead to misunderstanding.

The difference between DCS control system and PLC control:

DCS is a "decentralized control system", while PLC (can be edited
The controller is just a kind of control "device", which is the difference between "system" and "device". The system can realize the function and coordination of any device, and the PLC device only realizes the functions of this unit.

The DCS network is the central nervous system of the entire system, and the DCS system usually adopts the international standard protocol TCP/IP. It is a safe and reliable dual redund…

eView+ET070 human machine interface

Eview ET070 Kinco HMI 7 inch colour touch screen


1. high-performance with 400MHz high speed CPU, so the data processing power and communications transmission speed,multi-page switching speed more smoothly.
2. lowest-cost high value, low cost to meet the needs of customers.
3. backlight LED backlight, brightness can be adjusted, more environmentally friendly energy.
4. stylish fashion widescreen 16:9 widescreen, TFT LCD, color 65536 color display is more colorful.
5. Touch sensitive windowless mask use new technologies to ensure the mask never bubbling, touch higher sensitivity.
6. easy to use system parameters, firmware updates, touch calibration settings easy, does not require frequent adjustmentcabinet open coding switch to set the operating mode can be directly in the software quick and easy to complete.


LCD Size: 7 "TFT
Resolution of: 800 * 480 pixels
display color: 65536 co…

CNC 6 Axis NVCM6V2.1 USB Mach3 Motion Controller Stepper Motor Control&USB Cable

6 Axis NVCM6V2.1 Mach3 USB Motion Control Card1. Performance parameter

1)  Support USB; 2)  16 ports photoelectric isolated input interface; 3)  16 ports photoelectric isolated output interface; 4)  1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output); 5)  can support 6 axis stepper systems maxisim, 125KHz pulse output for every axis; 6)  ARM motion control chip; 7)  Main device is 12V-32VDC power supply input,current should higher than 1A;

2.Product connection define and method The connection of the controller includes power supply interface, USB connection interface, Stepper/Servo control output interface, spindle control output interface, Estop and limited switch and tool setting input interface and so on. Now we descript them in details as below.
2.1 USB Port Marked NO1 position is the USB port, Mach3 connect to this board through the USB port.