offline cnc controller DDCSV2.1 and smc4-4-16a16b

DDCSV2.1 and SMC4-4-16a16b


DDCSV2.1 has made the following changes on the basis of DDCSV1.1:
1:The input signal is modified to support the NPN switch;
2: Support limit and the home share the input port;
3: Use the more stable FLASH, to ensure that no program loss;
4: Upgrade algorithm, support soft interpolation, modified V1.1 version of arc
interpolation bug;
5: Upgrade the power module, the system is more stable.



1. Parameter setting : Can set, process and operation various control parameters, to reach the optimal effect.

2. Operate by Hand: Can control your systom by hand in this controller

3. Program managment: This controller can built,delete,modify,read, save,automatic processing,continuous,pause and other functions.

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