How to use the high-speed counter of Mitsubishi PLC

High speed counter (C235-C255)

The falling edge of the externally input high-speed pulse signal is counted by means of an interrupt. The high-speed counter sets the instruction HSCS, and the function number is FNC53.


When the current value S1 of the high-speed counter reaches the set value S2, the output point designated by D is immediately set by the interrupt mode.

M8000 S1 S2 D

-||-------[HSCS c235 k1000 Y10]

The set value of C235 is 1000, (S2=1000). If the current value changes from 999 to 1000 or from 1001 to 1000, Y10 is immediately set to 1.
The input point of each high-speed counter is fixed, the c235 input point is x0, c236 is x1, and so on.

Extended data:

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