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How to use CP243-iBUS

ETH-iBUS Ethernet Converter Instructions 1. ETH-iBUS is a convenient product that can be used without any work in the S7-200PLC. 2. ETH-iBUS can be directly connected to WinCC [selected driver is TCP/IP (auto) - Siemens comes with] without using PC ACCESS [OPC mode], high communication reliability 3. Q, I, M, DB1 in WinCC (remember: DB1) corresponds to Q, I, M, V in the S7-200 PLC. 4. ETH-iBUS can also be directly connected to MicorWin 4.0 to program the S7-200 PLC, download the program, and debug online. 5. ETH-iBUS requires an external 24V power supply. 6. There are 2 TCP/IP channels (Note: Only two upper computers can be serviced. WinCC and MicroWin 4.0 can be run simultaneously in the same upper computer; in theory, up to six upper computers can be connected, but we have not yet Tested this situation) 7. Configuration plan: a. Line type: that is, a PLC (s7-200) and a host computer (computer), directly connected by a crossover cable (RJ45 network cable). (Note: NICs with cross fun…